squish & mr fender

Squish, Mr. Fender, and I became friends at Minnesota’s State Fair sometime in the late 00s. As the fair could be dangerous for two rubbery toy fish to reside at, I offered to let them stay at my place. Rebecca and I had plenty of space for them in our study.

Over time, more sociable toys found their way to my study, understanding that I welcomed them and loved to report their stories to anyone who would listen. Eventually, the study became an establishment known as — wait for it — The Study. The growing gang used their new home to play games, hold concerts, watch movies, socialize with one another, and even set up a government (along with an elected mayor).

They also get a kick out of playing tricks on each other and me.

Squish (blue) likes to draw drawings & Mr. Fender (purple) thrives on discussing religion and politics.