dissident potato

a celebration

Dissident Potato will, in large part, show my passion for gardening and doing so solely with heirloom and open-pollinated seeds.

The site will also share photos of the plants that grow in my garden as well as the creatures that hang out there.

Dissident Potato will explore ways to connect people to real, good food as well as the true value of that food.

I will also celebrate a building local food movement, even though I often fail to practice the support I preach.

critique and calls to action

This site will also provide critiques of America’s current food system and how it fails to meet the needs of its people and its environment. For example, Dissident Potato will take on systemic issues like the alarming attrition of our seed diversity, the poor distribution of wholesome food to those who need it most, and what I think is the biggest issue facing our planet (and agriculture) right now: climate change.

We must succeed on many fronts if we want future generations to thrive. So, as a hopeful person, I will do my best to provide options for how to make a difference on the issues I write about.

comments from readers

Lastly, Dissident Potato looks to its readers to provide their thoughts and comments about the issues raised within this category, both about what I write or the pictures I take as well as the thoughts and comments of other readers.